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Feb 3, 2010


Pawn Stars Link

Are you a man? If you are a TV watching man, then I would say that you probably like this show, if not love it like me.  There are plenty of bad reasons to go to Las Vegas, but visiting this Pawn Store would be a good reason to go there.  I seriously have to say that this might be my favorite TV show right now.  I have been to Vegas, and man, I wish I would have checked out this store.  They have it ALL!  How they get it all is even more amazing and you have to watch the show to find out.  Every episode had some amazing find.  If you like treasure hunts then you can beat this.  The owners of the store are pure americana themselves.  Chumlee (see picture) is everything a parent never hoped for.  But I have to admit, he is hilarious to watch.  If you haven't tuned in, you should.  I like to record them, sit back and watch a few in a row.  Enjoy!