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Mar 26, 2010



It's the final season and I can't wait until it's over so they can make the movie that will finally explain it all.  Really, will they make a movie to explain it all, or will they explain it all in the final episode as advertised?  Truthfully, I feel that  we will not have a conclusive answer.  Why?  Because the writers didn't think this show would actually make it past the pilot, yet it did, and now they actually have to come up with a conclusion to a story that was never meant to end in the first place.  Aren't you tired of them adding more and more characters like Pokeman?  Don't you wonder why they do that?  It's because they don't have a story, just new characters with a past, present and future.  It's so big now that they can't tie it down in a 2 hour finale or with 2 more full seasons either.  Out of all the characters that have come and gone, I really can't relate to any of them.  I think the only one that made any sense is Hurley and I find him the most likeable.  Man, how did that guy score that gig?  He must be the happiest man alive and I hope he get's another gig down the road that is good.  Benjamin Linus is the best character by far though.  Great villian, and I think I hope he wins in the end.  That would be a good ending.  As for the rest, I can take them or leave them.  The show is still entertaining for some reason and I will continue to watch until the flying cows come home.