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Oct 22, 2010

Diary of a Wimpy Kid is a Hoot! 8 out of 10! Family Fun!

IMDB Movie Review Link

So we are looking for something we can all watch and enjoy on a Friday night.  Mom, Dad and our six year old son.  There really isn't much for folks like us to choose from these days, so the Diary of a Wimpy Kid was it.  Tell you what, I expected it to be decent, but I didn't expect my son Nathan find it to be totally hilarious.  We laughed more at him laughing at the movie than we did the movie, and the movie was funny.  I am not familiar with the books, but the kids in this movie, making their first trip to the dreaded middle school and tryng to fit in is just a good story.  The two boys that star Greg (wimpy kid) and is hefty awkward embarrassing friend Rowley have to manage their feeble friendship the best they can without it being shredded apart in the end.  The truth is, it reminded us of  Kevin and Paul from the great show "The Wonder Years" but it was different, and because I liked that show I loved the movie.  Plenty of little laughs and funny kids all along the way to keep it going.  So if your kids are still young at heart and you are too, I am sure you will enjoy it like we did.  Rent it!  Buy it!  I am sure it will be one you watch on TV over and over again.  Enjoy a good one, they don't come by like this very often.