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Nov 25, 2010

Craig reviews, The Expendables, The end of the Era of Action Hero's

IMDB Expendables Review Link
I just finished the greatest geriatric action film of all time.  Most of these guys are at least 50 and some over 60, and it's hard to see these guys getting old, but that's only because it tells me I am getting old too.  I admire Stallone for taking on projects like this, Rambo and Rocky in his ripped old age of sixty something (take note of the pic).  I mean, this guy is almost my Dad's age looking like that.  I salute him and his cast because I have always liked them all (Lee, Lungren, Stratham, Willis, AwnOLD in cameo, Rourke, Coulture, Roberts, Stone Cold, Terry Cruz) some of which aren't really the great ones.  Long ago, I thought a movie like this would have been great with this type of cast, but in this case it's not so great.  The dialogue is pretty bad, as well as the acting, of course one should expect that from this cast.  I am not really sure what the story was about, but destroying a small third world country's army, with a has been superstar mercenary team and saving a beautiful woman might have been it.  Pretty deep stuff. Two parts were cool in the movie, one with an airplane and one with a truck.  No new tricks or great one liners here, just pure predictable adrenaline.  I liked the movie, because it got better as it went on, and I like seeing these guys in action, but it's not their best, but it's worth seeing.  Heck, I'd watch it again.  In all fairness it's a 7.0 out of 10 which isn't bad.  A fair comparison for this flick is the latest Rambo and The A-Team, both of which are better.  Enjoy.