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Dec 14, 2010

Movies I want to see but have not seen yet....

Clash of the Titans IMDB 5.9 Rating
So, did they really blow the remake of this classic?  Only one way to find out, I am just gonna have to watch it. Is anyone cool in it?

The Prince of Persia, 6.7 IMDB Rating
I heard this was pretty good, but the cast looks like a bunch of sissies.  Can they convince me otherwise?  I doubt it, but I am going to give it a show one day anyway.
The truth is, there aren't a lot of movies I have missed that I am dying to see and that is just sad.  But my
search continues.  Any ideas?

 Dreamworks presents, The Super Fly
Well, you haven't heard of this one, I made it up, but I think it will happen one day.  It'll be cool man!

12 Angy Men, IMDB 8.9 rating

   Made in 1957, I just can't help but think this movie features my kind of people.  Henry Fonda stars along with the guy Klugman that used to play Quincy.  I love that show, I hope they make a movie called...Quincy!

And last but certainly not least....
The Darkslayer Movie! 9.9!

Yeah baby...I am feeling it! 

Sorry folks I am out of gas.  I'll try to do you better next time on....The Darkslayer Report.