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Dec 20, 2010

Sorcerer's Apprentice, An Excellent Surprise! 8.2 out of 10!

IMDB Movie Review only 6.3? I don't agree!

I went into this movie knowing virtually nothing about it.  I knew Nicolas Cage was in it, and that was it.  Now, I like Nic Cage, he's alright by me, but can he be a convincing wizard?  Certainly.  The apprentice I think was the guy who did the voice in How to Train Your Dragon.  He sounds and looks like a whiny geek, and that's how a wizard should be, so I am not complaining.  In summary, it's in the modern day, begins during the time of Merlin, he trains 3 wizards, and ones bad, one's trapped, one's good and ones a displaced wimp.  The story and acting is good and there is alot of magic and stuff, all of which was well done.  I was entertained, I didn't get bored and I thought it was cool and one of the BEST PG films in a long time.  I commend them for that.  I looked forward to watching it again with my family soon, as I recorded on VHS...sike!  I'll make some comparisons, better than Percy Jackson and the Olympians and the later Harry Potter movies.  Now, if I were picky these days, which I am not, I've lowered my standards, I'd say the Wizards were all way to powerful as they were able to do whatever they wanted with no apparent limitaitions.  Still, it made for a creative and cool movie for all!  Buy it, rent it!