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Dec 31, 2010


10.  Age. You are getting older.  Be proud you somehow made it this far.
  9.  Exercise.  You said last year you were going to excercise more and really hit the gym, but you  really   didn't, did you?  It's okay.  Celebrate how failure has been an excellent teacher over the past year.
  8.  Eating.  Remember all those things you swore you wouldn't eat as much of this year like Chocolate   and  Pizza?  Be glad you didn't let your stubborn pride get in the way of enjoying them just as much as you ever did.
  7. Spending more time with family.  I am sure that some of you actually did spend more time with family even if it was unwillingly due to the circumstances.  Time is your most precious gift, and Caller ID is a good one too.
  6. Television.  If you don't own a television good for you, but have a toast for those that do,  TV always has something to look forward too.
  5.  Dieting.  It was a great year for dieting, but it isn't that easy, especially when countless opportunities to consume delicious quantitites of food lies in every kitchen and just around the corner.  Maybe alot of exercise will help offset those extra calories. lol.  Be happy you tried and even happier if you suceeded.
  4.   Smartphones.  Yes, these brilliant devices that distract from everything that is truly important in life, like driving a car for instance. 
  3.  Friendship.  Think of all the wonderful friends you have made or reaquanited with on Facebook and you never have to go visit them to see how they are actually doing. 
  2.  Laughter. I can only hope you laughed more this year than last year, but if you didn't it's probably only because the world is coming to an end.  So next year make sure you have a lot more laughs.
  1. The Darkslayer!  Yes...I know you can't help but be overcome with elation at my frequent advertisements for the this excellent novel that is written without rival by yours truly.   Celebrate this epic adventure that motivates you on those rainy days and for many years to come. Now if you laughed then you must be a bit curious too?  Happy New Year!