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Jan 5, 2011

The Darkslayer presents...An interview with Farc the Half-Ogre

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1 - Tell us a little about yourself? Farc a retired pit-fighter from Two-Ten City. Greatest Ever!

1a - Where's that? Where all the cool half-ogre's live.

2 - How come you are retired? Too old? To many injuries? Next question or Farc retire you human.

3 - Okay, moving on, what is your favorite place to vacation? Well, Farc have some family in the Hamptons Farc like to visit from time to time. Either there or Philadelphia. Farc love CheesySteaks.  Mmmm.  You get me one, or Farc pummel you later.
4 - Moving on, can you tell us a little bit about that eye patch? long as you don't mind Farc removing them lips from you face.

5 - Uh...have you seen any good movies lately? No, Farc usually go, but can't get past the snack bar. Farc like goobers an poppy-corn. Mmmm...poppy-corn.