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Jan 27, 2011

Spartacus: Blood and Sand on Starz is an excellent story...but over the top!

IMDB Review Link of Spartacus Blood and Sand 8.8 on Starz

So you know who Spartacus is?  Did you see or read The 300 by Frank Miller? Spartacus is a SPARTAN that becomes a Roman slave and rises to become it's most prominent gladiator trying to earn his freedom.  I first tuned into this bloodfest on episode 3 or 4.  It was nuts how much blood was being shed everywhere, enough to make a vampire squeamish.  But I kept watching and discovered there was a really good story and excellent acting.  It is TV-MA, which means there is much content that is inappropriate but I suppose they felt the need to be accurate to the period.  I think they just got carried away with it all and it took more from a good story than it enhanced.  Still, I found myself watching just to see what happened. There were good guys and bad that you either loved or hated.   It is like a guys soap opera of sorts.  The villiany in these shows is without equal and it protrays the Romans as a most ruthless and cunning civilization.  As I said, the actors do a great job and things appear to be real to the period, but I really have no idea.  Now there is a second series out, and I have seen the first episode.  They do a good job picking up where they left off and I am all too curious to see where it goes.  I would suggest you check the details on the link above, note some of the stars and learn more about the show and it's content before you invest any time or money in this.  There are plenty of things I don't like about these shows, but the story is still good enough for me to watch.  I'll would compare it the more to the movie Gladiator, but it is much more graphic and not appropriate for anyone under 40.