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Feb 4, 2011

SALT...too SALTY for me but better than expected. A good flick, 7.0 out of 10!

IMBD Review Link 6.5!

When the hottest CIA agent of all-time (Angelina Jolie) is accused of being a Russian super spy, nothing unfolds as it should.  You know...a woman like Angelina can certainly distract from a good story, but time and again she proves herself to be a very convincing actress.  She plays CIA agent Evelyn Salt, who turns out to be a decades long sleeper agent.  (Note:  I'd mention the other actors of note, but theer weren't any.)  It is a compelling story that leaves you searching for answers about the characters and thier mysterious past.  The beginning is the best part of the movie, because it wasn't long after that the entire action filled story became impossibly believable. Think about it...Impossibly Believable!  Jumping from a truck (higher level) to a truck (lower leverl) on an interstate might work once, but not three times.  Certainly there would be a better way to escape than that.  The ending was not to shabby and I'll give them props because endings are difficult.    My wife watched it with me, and she liked it, as did I.  It's pretty good by movie standards these days.  Feel free to spend your dollar on this one, but my rental was free.