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Sep 25, 2011

Are you ready for...ZOMBIE DAY CARE by Craig Halloran

 It's time to start the buzz!!!

Anyday now (Today is Sept 25th, 2011) it shall be released in eBook format, the Paperback will be available in a few more weeks. I think my readers are going to love this story.  It's a short-novel, 37,000 words only.  It took me a month to write and 2 more months for editing.  Seriously though, I am jacked about this story.  Here is what is on the backcover of the book, I hope get's you interested. 

He had dozed off, feeling safe and exhausted, in the middle of nowhere. He laid his head back just for a second, listening to the madness on the satellite radio. America has fallen! Russia has fallen! The Middle East has fallen! He fell asleep.

His eyes snapped open. A shuffle of dirt caught his ear. He wiped the drool from his mouth. The rearview mirror showed nothing. His heart raced. Something was out there. A flicker of movement caught his eye in the side view mirror. He jerked out of the way just as a hand clutched for his neck. He scrambled through the passenger side door and rolled outside.

The Facility is what the Washington D.C. officials call it.

It is a day care for zombie children, tucked deep in the hills of West Virginia.

Is there a cure for the zombies?

The children of the undead give them the best hope.
There are those who think the zombie threat is harmless…and those that don’t.

The World Humanitarian Society wants to protect the zombies…or do they?

Friends, family and colleagues are set at odds, dealing with the deadly dilemma.

What about the zombies? What rights do they have in all of this? Or are they just a means to another diabolical end?

Book Cover Image
Artwork by Ernie Chan