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Jan 16, 2010

Darkslayer Sighting - Las Vegas Nevada

Friday January 15th
Pawn Stars, Las Vegas

A giant man was seen entering a pawn shop in the late hours of the night.  The store keeper named Chum tried to barter with the brute who growled and made off with several weapons from medieval periods without paying.    Chum was reprimanded by an old man and a bald one for letting the man go.  Chum said, "He scared me, but looked really cool."  CSI agents were called in, but when they discovered there were not any dead bodies that became angry at Chum as well.  The old man said he called because he thought he was going to kill Chum.  Poor Chum.  In the meantime, several eye witnesses confirmed the story of the seven foot giant with a V shaped tatoo running down the side walks and alleys and disappearing from sight.  Total value of the lost sword, knife and battle axe approxiamately 12500 dollars US.  Chum still has his job.  Why is he here?