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Jan 27, 2010

Darkslayer Sighting - Las Vegas Nevada, The Stratosphere

Stratosphere Link

LVPD had been unusually busy tracking down a large man that fits the description of The Darkslayer.  One police blotter entry relays an incident at the Stratosphere.   A man clothed in makeshift coyote pelt outfit, assumed to be part of the entertainment made it to the top of the Stratosphere lobby.  Local college students gave the man a ticket and he was strapped into the BIGSHOT ride along with two extremely nervous women.  They were then launched 1149 feet high and the massive man howled in laughter while the women screamed in terror.  And that was when the trouble started.  The man then refused to get off of the ride when it was over, while the women scurried away quickly.  No one knew what to do then as the ride operators had to call for security, while the people in line for the ride began chanting, "Let Him Ride!" repeatedly.  Many people wanted to ride with the man as well, because it was what they came for, this kind of adventure, they said.  The operators let him go up by himself one more time per the request of the crowd.  He was thrilled it seemed as he howled once again upon launch.  Security awaited him below and tentatively escorted him away from the scene, while the crowd cheered and high fived him on his way out.  LVPD arrived shortly after the man disappeared into the night and asked why the Stratosphere security let him go.  They replied, "We didn't see the point in jostling the man for having a good time.  Besides, I don't think we could have kept him if we tried.  He's all yours.  Good Luck."  Why is he here?