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Jan 24, 2010



Let me tell you what this movie is about.  It's about ordinary men doing extraordinary things.  This is a great film that made a whopping 12 million dollars.  Avatar made 1 billion and I just have to ask myself, which of these movies should really be seen all.  It's the Hurt Locker by a thousand miles.  The thing is, this movie is about reality, todays world,  and I am amazed at what soldiers do and why they do.  I am a combat trained veteran so I know a little about what I am talking about.  The question is, why would anyone put on a 75 pound bomb proof suit in 100 degree whether to disarm a bomb for under 10 million dollars a year?  It's insane, but soldiers are willing to serve for something greater than themselves.  They are ordinary yes, but extraordinary in their service.  This movie is a action true to life drama that is a 9.0 out of 10.0.  Show this in the classroom one day teachers instead of Titanic for a history lesson.