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Jan 3, 2010

Darkslayer Sighting - Mt. Grant, Walker Lake, Nevada

Walker Lake Nevada - Sunday January 3rd

A extremely large man was witnessed by anglers near walker lake in the evening.  The man, a giant long haired blonde, walked up on an evening campsite with a large string of fish.  Campers and fisherman were impressed as they watched the man cut, gut and scale them and began cooking them over their campfire as they would.  The man seemed to be friendly and talked and gestured as he prepared the fish. No one knew what he was saying but they stuck around as he finished his preparation.  He shared with them the feast and all the takers enjoyed the meal  Soon after finishing his meal the man left. Everyone assumed someone knew him at the time not realizing no one had a clue who the man was.  Still many thought he was a european professional wrestler, but honestly no one cared to admit they didn't have a clue.  The were more concerned about catching fish as big as the man did the next morning.  Why is he here?