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Dec 31, 2009

Darkslayer Sighting - Lake Tahoe - New Years Eve

December 31st Thursday

New Years eve activities were interupted momentarily when a extremely large man, heavily muscled and half naked walked up out of nowhere and began singing along in an alien tongue. Many thought it was a hoax of sorts, but the majority of the crowd ran in total panic when they realized he was indeed real and unlike any other human being on the planet. Local authorities were on the scene this time and in an attempt to silence his revelings they decided to tazer him. The man, I believe to be the fabled Darkslayer started giggling much to everyones shock and amazement. He then pulled out the tazers and dove into the frigid lake and was no longer seen again. Officers feared they had equipment malfunctions initially, but rowdy high school and college students found out other wise later that evening. Why is he here? Happy New Year!