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Feb 18, 2010

JUJYFRUITS! The Ultimate Movie Candy!


Yes, they are my favorite since the tender age of 4.  I remember losing 3 or 4 loose teeth in the movie theaters back then because of their delicious adhesive quality.  Personally, I like the black ones, I am a licorice fan as well, but overall there isn't a flavor I don't like.  Jujyfruits also stay fresh for decades.  I found an unopened box (see pic) stuck in a box with some old family photos of us eating Jujyfruits at the movies, Raiders of the Lost Ark.  I saved it as a momento.  Well, I gave them a try and though they were hard to chew at first, they finally gave in.  I lost another tooth (or cracked one) as a result.  So many memories came rushing back.  For Valentines Day I usually give a box of Jujyfruits instead of Chocolate.  They are cheaper and better.  Now, I know that many people prefer other movie candies more, like Snowcaps (I) or Raisenettes or Junior Mints, but not me.   The sad thing is that some theaters don't have jujyfruits, but luckily Walmart has plenty.  I will say this, I am dissapointed in myself for having never bought the Jujyfruit T-Shirt offered on the back of the box.  I guess I have been hoping after all of these years someone would have got the hint and bought one for me by now.  Long Live the JujyFruits!!!