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Feb 17, 2010



You take Vince Vaughn, throw in a bunch of ‘has beens’ and ‘want-to-be's’ and you might get a decent comedy.  Now, I only watched it because my wife wanted a copy for Valentine’s Day and usually VV is good for a few laughs anyway.  Basically, this is sort of a chick flick on steroids.  It’s not something they will see on Lifetime or Hallmark but not Spike either.  The movie and story itself was pretty entertaining, but watching couples not being able to get along for the whole film made me uneasy.  Then finally, POW, a massive Cupid arrow comes out of the sky and suddenly everyone’s relationship has never been better.  Whatever.  I mean,  anytime you take a trip with your spouse and the kids aren’t around, I am pretty sure  both of you will get along just fine from the minute you leave the house.  That’s my two cents though.  Women, I am sure you loved this movie and it’s a good one for couple to enjoy together.  Men, it won’t kill you to watch it with her.  Give in.  For a romantic comedy I will rate it a 7.2 out of 10.  Rent it, but dude, don’t let me see you buy it.