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Feb 24, 2010



Let this name forever be imbedded into your mind. Many of you have never heard it before but after today you will not forget it. Before you proceed further, I would request that you click on the link and watch the movie trailer first, then come back to my blog. Tick tock tick tock tick tock. Did you enjoy what you saw? Was it something you can’t wait to see now? I know I am stoked for this movie. Did you notice that the creator of Solomon Kane is also the creator of CONAN THE BARBARIAN? The creator/author is the legendary ROBERT E. HOWARD. Just so you know, Sword and Sorcery was created by Howard which is a heavy influence in my writing of THE DARKSLAYER (note, if you liked the trailer you would probably like my book too). Anyhow, this movie looks awesome and appears to be everything in regards to action, adventure and heroics that epic fantasy, sword and sorcery should have. I think if you like Hugh Jackman in Van Helsing then you will certainly like this as well. Solomon Kane is going to be darker and deeper though. If you are a true Harry Potter fan, then I am sure you won't be at this movie, because it will scare you.  I hope you don't have nightmares after watching the trailer.  Well, maybe I do.  So, if this movie is the success that I believe it will be then more true fantasy will be coming our way, which will include more Robert E. Howard characters. Long Live the King of Sword and Sorcery! For more go here: IMDB REVIEW LINK