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Feb 24, 2010

Movies by Craig, MEMENTO


It seems many of you like movie reviews and my recommendations; well here is a doozy for you to watch. Memento is a Crime/Thriller/Drama that came out in 2000 and it is considered to be one of the top 50 movies of all time. Despite that statistic there are a lot of people that still haven’t seen this movie. I noticed it on the DISHNETWORK menu the other day and I have been meaning to record it, but I have not. I believe it is on EMYSTERY AND STARZ WEST Channels if you get them. It stars Guy Pierce and Carrie-Ann Moss. Basically, there is a guy with short term memory loss, tattoos and a dead wife. That's all you need to know. Check the link for the details, but take it from me, this is one you need to see if you have not already. I'm actually excited to watch it again on DVR.  It is a 9.0 out of 10.