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Feb 28, 2010

Sunday Message 1: The Great Commission

It is Sunday and like many of us I get up and attend church.  I am a Christian as well and I have been so most of my life.  When discussing matters of faith I like to put things as simply as I can.  What is a Christian?  In short is means "little Christ". Most people follow someone of faith, family or fame.  I choose to follow Christ but with that there comes responsibility.  The Great Commission is a big part of that and many times Christians like me can forget it.  The truth is that I am in contact with a great deal of people and I don't often take the chance to speak on matters of faith.   So, my blog seems to be about as good a spot as any to share "the good news".  After all, The Great Commission expects that of me.  I also don't want to stand before God one day and possibly hear him say, "Hey Craig I read your blog, how come you never mentioned me?"  Well, as I believe God is responsible for all good things in my life then it is safe to assume that he is responsible for my ability to write as well.   Sunday seems like a good day to do this from time to time.  More...