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Feb 20, 2010



It took me about 30 seconds to realize that there was no way I was going to watch this movie with my wife or anybody else in the world for the matter.  I am even ashamed to put the picture on my blog.  I am sure it's a wonderful movie, but it's a love story and love stories I don't do well.  Romantic comedy's are ok sometimes, but this wishy washy kinda of stuff is for the girls.  Ladies, please don't hold it against your man if he has no interest in watching this either, you should be glad your man can find better things to do like mowing in the middle of winter.  This doesn't mean we don't have romantic bones, it just means we don't want to spend two hours watching something we couldn't possibly enjoy. It's just how we are. Please forgive us.  I just don't think a man is going to gain anything positive from the experience, some might, most won't.  In all fairness I will rate this movie from a man's view point.  It's a 10 out of 100!