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Feb 21, 2010



First off, I am not a big Quentin Tarantino fan.  It's not that I don't like his movies, but the intentional overkill tends to be a bit much for me.  It's just not my style and that may surprise you, so SURPRISE.  So, thanks to the glory of PLASMA TV, DISHNETWORK HD, HD PPV or VOD (Video on Demand) I can sit down and enjoy a movie in my Man Cave whenever leisure permits.  This movie impressed me because it wasn't over-the-top and the DIALOGUE (which is a big deal with me) was just AWESOME.  I was really impressed and Tarantino showed his brilliance clearly in this department.  Also, I think women can enjoy this film too.  Sure there are some brutal scenes, but you can close your eyes and there aren't that many.  Now for Brad Pitt's role.  Pretty cool, but he sounded just like EARL PITTS from Wake up America.  That is a radio voice that I am sure many of us are familiar with and it's worth getting to know if you don't know.  It's was comical, but it didn't ruin anything for me either.  Story Good.  Dialogue Amazing.  Scalping Nazi's Excellent. Blowing up Hitler Hilarious.  I will call this a War Film Drama Thriller and it's a 8.2 out of 10.  Gotta go, the Road Warrior is coming on HD RETRO.