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Mar 11, 2010



Was it as wonderful as you are wondering?  Some might think so, but not me.  I did like the movie though.  It was different but I wasn't blown away by it by any stretch of the imagination.  I liked the Chelshire Cat the best.  I never saw the Disney cartoon or read the book but now I actually know who Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum (see creepy pic)  are.  Even better, I know where the term "Vorpal Sword" originated.  Now I feel like I need to read the book.   I do think the movie could have been made better.  Tim Burton uses too much "black" (I know that is his thing) but I think everything seemed tainted and not as brilliant as it could be.  It's still cool though.  There is alot of original characters and animals in this movie I enjoyed for the first time as well.  That said, 3D is really bothering me now.   I see little need for it and it takes aways from the feel and flow of the film.  It becomes a distraction if you have corrected vision like me.  I will say this fantasy is a 7.5 out of 10.  I wouldn't feel pressed to see it in the theater.  I went with my wife and  5 year old son and we had a good time.  They liked it too.  Wait for the Blu Ray as I am sure that will look much better!