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Mar 14, 2010


I am a bit emptied out in the writing department at the moment.  I finished another chapter on The Darkslayer Volume 2 and I I haven't been watching a single thing since.  Or since The Mad Hatter movie.  At the moment, I am watching THE PUNISHER 2 with Thomas Jane and John Travolta (not the best, they all have been poorly made for such an awesome character). I will take a moment to tell everyone who is prepping for warm weather the following information.  If you need a new GARDEN HOSE only buy the SWAN brand.  It's rubber, it cost a bit more and it's WORTH IT!   I just bought a new one after not following my own advice and quickly took the piece of junk back an grabbed the Swan.  If you have the means to use a hose and wash your car, house, dog, pigs or chickens this is the way to go.  Lowes possibly has the best selection and I paid 37.00 for 100ft of the monster green snake.  As I pull into my garage and see it rolled up by the door it actually makes me happy.  I love the Swan and you should too.  Treat yourself today.