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Apr 24, 2010



If you like or don't like comics you still need to pay attention to what I am about to tell you.  This is a good movie.  It's animated, but it's really good.  Sure, it helps if you are a super hero and Hulk fan, but you truly don't have to be.  This is a really good story based off of the graphic novel, PLANET HULK.  What I like is that the film adaptaion is different from the book but it is full of great fights and action.  If you have watched many of the other Marvel DVD comics I will tell you this one is the best and I have them all.  So, how does this compare to 2 HULK Movies we have all seen, well the truth is that this is better than both of them in my book.  I am a huge HULK fan, as he has always been my favorite super hero and the movies always disappointed me, but not PLANET HULK.  I am not going to tell you anything about the story, but when you are in the DVD rental store, or shopping for a new DVD you should definately RENT or BUY this movie.  It's only 14.99 at TOYS'R'US.  The graphic novel is 29.99, so start with the DVD in this case.  This is really a cool movie, so trust me, you know you want too.  There is more to it than HULK SMASH, even though he still smashes a whole bunch of monsters, people and robots.  And always remember, HULK IS THE STRONGEST ONE OF ALL!