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Apr 14, 2010



What kind of Sword and Sorcery writer would I be if I didn't like a movie about Vikings and Dragons?  I had to stay home and watch some fellas cut down trees and haul them off and after that I took my boy to a late matinee movie.  We got the usual ICEE and Nachos with Cheese, slapped on the 3D Birth Control glasses, kicked back and relaxed.   No one in the theater hardly, very nice.   Here is a helpful 3D hint though.  If your vision isn't too bad, like mine, then take off your glasses and enjoy.  It did wonders for me as the 3D pic seemed clear unlike a 2D would.  The movie was cool, fun and a pretty good story (man, I am watching LOST as I do this and John Locke just tossed that dude into the well, didn't see that coming).  Is it better than NEMO, CARS, THE INCREDIBLES or SHREK (BTW, Shrek 4 trailer looked great!)?  No, frankly it isn't, but it is still a really good movie.  My boy loved it and I could take him to see it again, but I will definately buy it on BLU RAY.  I recommend this movie and  I rate it a 8.2 out of 10!  Enjoy!