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Apr 10, 2010


So I am surfing the channels in the late Friday eve and catch this on the RETRO HD channel and I thought I would get a good look at this classic in HD.  Sometimes films like this look okay, but Weird Science looked great!  And, as usual I could not stop watching.  I didn't even realize this was a John Hughes film, I should have known. I don't think there is one scene in this movie that is not any good, as almost everyone has something to offer.  I started watching at the scene when the big party just started and Gary and Wyatt are way in over thier heads.  The mutants come.  The mutants go.  The house is completely trashed and the next morning CHET (Bill Paxton) shows back up.  The sequence of CHET scenes is so hilarious I was laughing out loud again.  I am laughing now.  It was one right after another as he swears that he won't kill Wyatt if his room is not trashed, only to open the door and seeing it snowing inside.  Then he hits Gary (A. Hall) and his girlfriend each in the head with his double barrled shot-gun. One of my favorite lines by CHET is, "That is a severe behavioral disorder!" (see image) CHET is one of the greatest characters in movie comedy.  The cast is stellar, full of surprises and that made this movie believable somehow.  For a comedy Weird Science is a 10!  I Love it everytime!