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Jun 1, 2010

Shrek 4 Ever After - Movie Review

Shrek IMDB Review Link

The Shrek movies have been gold for Dreamworks over the past decade and it is sad to see them go.  Of course, I am sure that we will all be watching them over and over again with children and the like for decades to come.  I went to see this over the Memorial Day weekend with my wife and son and it would have been a great showing if not for the constant crying of an infant that remained inside the theater for the duration of the entire film.  This is why I normally don't go to the movies anymore, but I suffered through it, crying and all.  The entire theater did in fact, much to my amazement.  As for Shrek and the gang, it's as good as it's predecessor's, you can't really tell them apart, pretty much the same and entertaining as you would expect.  Puss n' Boots steals the show, along with boy that demands Shrek, "Do the roar," and says "I love you Daddy," over and over again, but it's funny every time.   It's worth going to see, especially if you like crying babies, but not worth the risk if you don't.  I recommend Shrek 4, as I would recommend them all.  Enjoy.