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May 11, 2010



The truth is that Iron Man 2 is a great movie in the sense that Iron Man is an actual living, breathing and realistic character.  Basically, it's the childhood comicbook fans dreams coming true.  You have to remember that it is a comic book story and you shouldn't really expect too much.  With all of that being said, it's a pretty darn good movie.  The acting is really good.  The story isn't too bad either.  I do think they focus too much on the story and actors and the numerous cameos when they should have focused more on the suit of Iron Man.  Still, there were lots of cool scenes that satisfied me.  The villian was Whiplash, a cheeseball character if there ever was one, but Mickey Rourke changed all of that.  Rourke is a tough guy, shows it in this role and I liked it.  It gave Whiplash a much needed makeover.    He was brutal, Russian and Savvy.  They overkilled Tony Stark's flamboyant life style, to a point it was ridiculous and appalling, but I survived it.  I still stand by the rigors of the strick super hero's code of conduct that we have to live by, but Hollywood does not.  It is a shame because Iron Man would be even more appealing to a bigger audience if they would cut the crap out.  Where the first had very little, this one had alot.  After the credits there is a clip from the upcoming Thor movie.  It's not worth sticking around for.  It didn't make any sense either because Thor does not live in Mexico, the Hulk does.  Iron Man 2 is still got plenty of pop you should expect.  It's a 7.5 out of 10.  Go, see it and hopefully enjoy.