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Jul 8, 2010

Twilight, yes I watched most of it.


When it comes to books based off of novels the readers always say how much better the book is.  Well, I can only hope that is the case with Twilight.  The movie isn't bad, it's pretty good actually, but the story isn't really anything new.  It is a romance, a typical one that follows the template of those Rebels without a cause and the Forbidden Love scenarios.  (BTW I am waiting to see where Lebron is going while I type this.)  The beginning isn't bad either.  I actually like the girl Bella, but the rest are not so memorable.  I also found many of the scenes to be quite funny that were not designed as such.  The fact that extremely pale people are walking the streets and no one finds that strange in a small town is odd as well. If anyone shows up my small town looking like that I am sure there's going to be a lot of shoot first, ask questions later going on.   I am sure if I read the book I would understand.   But here is where the movie really caused me to completely loose my interest.  (Lebron is going to the Heat, whoopee, I can sleep tonight.  Eat it Cleveland, I'm a Steelers fan. lol)  Vampires walking in broad daylight.  No coffins.  No crucifix or priests AND  they can read minds  No, those aren't vampires and I don't know what they are.  It is fantasy, romance and the like and it is good story telling.  It's what the girls like, but in the end, it's nothing new to me.  I don't recommend this movie unless you want romance.  If you are a dude like me just look at the picture and you will have seen enough.  For a teenage romance that has vampire-like people it's a 10 and for anything else it's a 5.  BTW, There are only 3 cool vampires: Dracula, Nosferatu and Blade.  Any other vampire attempts are in vain.