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Jul 5, 2010



The Harry Potter movies are normally pretty entertaining, but the Half-Blood prince was not.  It was dark, grim and boring.  I haven't read the books, and I probably never will, but I hope the final movie Deathly Hallows makes up for this one.  In this movie there wasn't really anything new or impressive and the climatic scenes were not very climatic.  Most people I talked to felt this movie had a darker tone and it did.  It took me three days to watch it and I fell asleep the first, but I was actually tired and vastly comfortable in my man cave.  The three main characters had issues with love and the like and the evil characters had issues with nothing as they had their way with the weakeness of Potter and his pals.  I think they wanted the movie to be scary and sinister but it wasn't.  You have to watch it if you have seen the rest, you might as well, you might like it, but I didn't feel like I gained any insight that wasn't already clear in the proceeding films.  I will rate this film full of teenage boys that ride brooms and wave wands a 6.0 out of 10!