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Jul 15, 2010

White Collar TV on USA Network

If I haven't already made it clear, I will make it clear again. USA Network has all of my favorite TV shows. After the great show Monk retired, they released White Collar, but not in it's stead. They just added another show to the network. I was leary. I didn't think it looked that good, but it is pretty good. It's about a con-man and forgerer who teams up with the FBI to catch other thieves and others of his like. It's smooth, cool and colorful. All of the characters are low profile and likeable. The actors are good, if not to well known. Television wouldn't be the same without USA releasing all of it's new shows. What I like most is that they are good for the entire family, not cheap, seedy or disturbing. USA says Characters Welcome and it looks like they got them all. Check it out! Wednesday and 9pm and of course several times over the weekend.