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Jul 18, 2010

'Despicable Me' is Hilarious and Great for the whole Family!


I am not going to spend alot of time on this one.  It is great for the family and hilarious.  The minions (pill shaped YELLOW people)  are the best, but even without them the movie would still be really good.  I took my son and a friends son, the theater was full of people and laughter of the likes I had not heard in years.  It actually made going to the movies fun again.  This one is every bit a  9 out of 10!  Go and enjoy!  Also, stick around for the credits because the Minions do lot's of fun things with 3-D.  That reminds me, the 3-D in this movie actually has stuff floating at you for a change, not alot, but enough, but they really show it off during the credits as I mentioned.