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Aug 1, 2010

Inception is full of Deception and darn good at it!

IMDB Review Link

Inception had received some really rave reviews, bordering on ridiculous.  It's an excellent movie.  It's also long, complicated and you can't leave your seat for two and a half hours either or else you will easily miss out.  The movie is about people who enter the dreams of other people to steal secrets from thier mind and make a profit for themselves or someone else.  Sure, it is complicated but it is also original which is why I liked it.  The movie, acting and story are among the best but there are plenty of scenes that I found very hard to swallow and impossible to except as being survivable.  It's a movie with alot of layers, so pay attention and enjoy and hopefully some kid with a smelly head of hair won't be sitting in front of you like we experienced.  This movie isn't for everyone though, so if you have your doubts, I wouldn't go at least without reading more about the story first.  My wife liked it too, so make a date of it and Enjoy!  I will give it a more reasonable rating of  8.1 out of 10!