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Jul 25, 2010

Tron Legacy, The Proposal and Throwing Momma From the Train

Tron Legacy Trailer Link

The Proposal Link

Let's get The Proposal (2009) out of the way first.  It's a romantic comedy with Sandra Bullock (horrible luck with men), Ryan Reynolds (any relation to Burt) and Betty White (old and in everything new these days).  I watched it on a movie channel with my wife and it was a pretty funny movie.  And I recommend it.  I recorded the ORIGINAL TRON (1982 and please take a closer look at pic details) because I don't remember much of it, it was a long time ago.  Now, Tron does fully qualify to be remade (most remakes are horrible in my book) because the special effects are horrible by today's standards, yet brilliant for it's time considering there wasn't much to work with.  In HD it's quite astounding in good and bad ways.  I look forward to the legacy though.  I finished up the weeked with Throw Momma from the Train (1987), and Momma (Anne Ramsey) steals the show.  It's an excellent comedy worth watching over again because of her and Danny Devito (Owen).  That is pretty much all I could find to watch over this weekend and you never know, if you look hard enough through over 1000 options each day, you might just find something worthwhile to watch.  Good Luck with that and hopefully Betty White will not have made another appearance in something new before you find it!