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Aug 19, 2010

Magiquest, The Dixie Stampede and Timeshares sales People!

Myrtle Beach South Carolina.  A great place to vacation.  It pretty much has everything I am interested in doing and plenty of things for kids as well...besides the ocean.  We tried a few new things this year that you might just be curious about too, so here we go.

MagiQuest - What child isn't going to want to give this a try.  We walked in to look around  and immediately were sucked in by some old lady that was dressed up like an elf, I think.  It's 30 bucks initially and you get a magic wand with that. Whoopee!  Then you walk around an ornate labryinth and shoot at objects you are trying to find with it.  Basically, it is a scavenger hunt that get's harder as you go.  It's a differenent experience than what you would expect, and I have no desire to walk around for 75 minutes with people that look really silly waving magic wands.    Kids are fine, but older people doing it in medieval garb, not so cool.  If you want to spend the money on your kid, this isn't too bad, just try not to get lost and panic in the Magiquest.

Dixie Stampede  - We were offered free tickets to this if we sat through a time share seminar. Just a heads up if you ever go to a time share seminar, they don't take no for an answer.  We managed to escape our dilemma and make the free show just in time, but it wasn't easy.  The Dixie Stampede was new too, I think those tickets are 30 bucks.  Dolly Parton is behind the scenes and they roll out the horses and wagons, in a big arena that everyone surrounds.  The show is alot of fun to watch, full of galloping horses, tricks, jokes and the like.  They serve you your food a course at a time and you don't get silverware, just use your hands.  Horses, pics, ponies, stampedes, cowboys, cowgirls and indians race around for the full western Americana experience.  It made that miserable time share meeting all worth while!

In summary, We Love Myrtle Beach!