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Aug 14, 2010


I attended the 80ish class reunion last night in my hometown.  It was amazing to me how in sync everthing seemed to be.  It was as if the past twenty plus years of our lives never happened and time stood still for just another day from back then.   My classmates had not changed much, maybe they lost some hair, maybe they replaced some, a few pounds may have been added or dropped, but overall our relationships had stayed the same.  I had to consider what we all went through between junior high and high school. We grew up at the same time, alot happened, we all knew it, we all lived it.  We learned about the complexities of dating and the adventures of driving.  We played sports, marched in the band, snickered in classrooms, screamed at ball games all for a shared cause.  School pride, having a good time together and hopefully getting an education of sorts along the way.  There was a kindred spirit among everyone last night that was hard to depart from.     It makes you wish you never grew up.  I made me wish  we had reunions every year.  It made me realize how lucky I was to have such great friends especially after all of these years.  I don't know when the next reunion might be, but I know I am looking forward to it.  Hail to my classmates at Charleston High!  Roar Lions Roar!