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Sep 25, 2010

Craig Reviews, Robin Hood, with Russel Crowe and his Merry Men


I was looking forward to this one, especially after I caught Robin Hood Prince of Thieves starring Costner.  Naturally, I could only figure this one with Crowe would be vastly superior.  Great movie, Great Budget, Great Actors, Great Costumes and Great Length equaled Great Disappointment!  I figured people were picky about the new angle on the storyline of how Robin became Robin Hood, but they were right, this movie isn't any good.  The acting is good, but the story was Braveheart and the fights were unbearable to watch.  The part with all of the little kids living in the forest had to be the dumbest part of the movie.  This movie could have been outstanding if they just left a few dozen stupid scenes out, but I guess Ridley Scotch, I mean Scott, wasn't willing to not leave it all on the table.  I think some people will like this, but not me, I had trouble finishing the display and even had to fast forward through the climatic battle at the end.  Bad Hollywood gone wild... again.  Another legendary hero's shining sword is broken. Our quiver of hope is empty.   Oh welll...I guess I'll have to make my own movies from now on.  In the meantime, check out the one pictured, it's awesome!  Leave it alone, 6.0 out of 10.0!