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Sep 18, 2010

The Sacramento Book Review gives "The Darkslayer" 5 out of 5 Stars!

"In Craig Halloran's first outing as an author, he shines in giving a compelling narrative."

Sacramento Book Review Link

I am stoked to recieve this awesome review!  The readers have told me how good they thought it was, but I had to send my book to the west coast to see if my story really had the mustard with sources that read books from all major authors and publishers all of the time.  It looks like The Darkslayer slammed his way into a favorable impression.   The review compliments my abilities as a writer and sums up the story quite well.   The published version is shown in the San Francisco Book Review too, and they don't show the stars there, instead they post that rating on Amazon.  I didn't realize it was the full five stars until I checked the posting on Amazon myself.  Pow!  Lovin' that! Hopefully, this will help me in getting my name and The Darkslayer's name out their as well.  If you want a copy the most favorable way is to order it from  That is my biggest billboard.  I appreciate the support and I am thankful for the Sacramento and San Francisco book review, they rock.  This spark will keep me writing for many years to come. 

"From the causal fantasy subscriber, to the die-hard tolkeinist, everyone will find something to enjoy in the ever expanding world of Bish.  Let's just hope the next installment doesn't take too long to come out."