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Nov 5, 2010

Toy Story 3? Overrated and disappointing, but decent enough to watch.

IMDB 'Toy Story 3' 8.8
IMDB 'Toy Story 2' 8.0
IMDB 'Toy Story 1' 8.2

How can Toy Story 3 be a 8.8, Toy Story 2 an 8.0 and the Original Toy Story be a 8.2?  Hmmm....well it can't be.  This movie compared to it's predecessors is dreadful.  It's dark, grim, and negative, which is highly uncharacteristic for these films.  Sure, it's for kids they love that stuff these days apparently (not), but I felt like the toys were being tormented for the entire movie with one grim and depressing scene after another.  It's amazing how the 'masses' adored this Disney classic though.  It's no surprise.  No, you come out of this one feeling sad, depressed and robbed in the end.  I just didn't get it, but hey, maybe I am just the kinda of guy that thinks happy endings should be happy and not crappy. 
I did enjoy watching the movie with our neighbors who had us over to watch in their home theater along with their kids which seemed to enjoy it as well as ours.  That was cool, but as for anyting lasting in the movie that gave me an 8.8 way.  I am now terrified for Cars 2 and how that might turn out.  I can now only imagine they all get taken to the junk pile and smashed horrifically in the end.  So, if you love everything the thoughtless public and critics loves just because they paid for it, then you will love Toy Story 3.  As for me, it's a decent movie but only a 6.5 out of 10.  I'll give you the best comparison, Shrek 3 versus Toy Story 3 and Shrek 3 wins!