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Dec 26, 2009

Darkslayer Sighting - Northern Coast of California

December 27th Sunday

A large man was seen warming himself by a burning trash can on the northern coast of California.   Late night Beach goers tried to communicate with the large man and stated he spoke in an alien tongue and did not appear hostile.   The man seemed lost while staring in marvel at the ocean and moon.  He ignored their offers of food and drink.  The pestering became overwhelming and the large man ran down the beach away from them.  Many followed in inspiration, only to be turned back as they angered the large man and he chased them back up the beach where they came from terrifying many including their dogs.  The figure had an army blanket tied around his waist and a hunting knife strapped somehow around his waist.  Rumors said he had to be the God of Surfing and others thought it was all a vision.  Beach Police patrolled further south of the sighting but no signs or witnesses came forward.  Over thirty eye witnesses have described the same man over four days matching the same description.  Why is he here?