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Feb 15, 2010



If you take Harry Potter and Combine it with the Chronicles of Narnia, this is pretty much what you get, Percy Jackson and the Olympians.  I heard on the radio that this was one of the better movies released this weekend so I looked into it.  I checked out the book and thought is was really well written so the movie intrigued me.  It was a great day for risks as it was also the 7th year anniversary for my wife and I.  She agreed to check it out, and mind you this was only a small part of a long wonderful day we spent together.  She even bought me some of the books to read, but then I took them back after seeing this movie.  Why?  Well, it's to young for me, but the writer, Rick Riordan, is a great one.  Great style.  Okay, so here is what I didn't like.  The teenage stars in this didn't make much of an impression and the story was pretty much carried by cameo's of bigger stars I am tired of seeing.  In truth, I think this is a good family movie and those are few and far between.  Me, I got bored and found it predictable, pretty much like the previews showed.  I will say stay home unless you have some kids and then it's a good family flick.  It's 6.2 out of 10 for a fantasy, but I do recommend you rent it.  I AM PUMPED FOR CLASH OF THE TITANS THOUGH!