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Feb 13, 2010



I gotta say, I liked Denzel in this movie.  As Hollywood continues to turn its star action hero's into blush wearing sissies, I was happy to see a rugged lead character on the Silver Screen for a change.  Denzel is usually pretty darn good in everything he is in and this movie is no exception.  For him, it was a great role I thought, but everyone else was pretty weak by comparision.  I really like post apocalyptic films too.  If you like Mad Max, The Road Warrior, The Blood of Hero's then you will like this, BUT I like the Road Warrior and the like better overall.   The story wasn't the best to buy into, but here it goes.  A giant hole was ripped in the sky and everything on the surface was burnt up as a result.  The surviving people blamed the Bible and started destroying all of them.  It's a great story line, but not really a great story.  It seems to me that the writers don't really want to choose a side, but somehow have something that everyone can except.  It's a thin line between who is right and who is wrong and finally you are left wondering was it all really worth it to begin with.  I recommend the movie though on the simple premise that Denzel was a great action hero.  The movie was realistic and well made.  It's a comic book or graphic novel, nothing overly sophisticated, but the kind of brain candy that allows you to escape for a couple of hours one day.  That all movies are really supposed to do after all.  I rate it a 7.3 out of 10.  Go see it!