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Mar 18, 2010


I am not a big fan of remakes and why would I be, they are all horrible. Some movies should be remade, but most of those fall into the realm of action, fantasy, sci-fi and the like that were done way before their time to do them. I can only imagine that one day I will wake up only to see that movies as ridiculous as these will be remade as well.

Kindergarten Cop - "It's not a tumor!" Made the whole show worth the price of a ticket. Look at Arnold's priceless expression as he tells a room of tiny childrent to "Shut Up!" I just don't think another actor, body builder, governor and former greek deity could possibly match his flare in this film.

Junior - I bet you forgot about this one didn't you? Yes, Danny Devito and Arnold are pregnant. Did they really make this movie or was I dreaming? I still smell a remake though.

Twins - Now this movie was the best of the three and you just know it is going to happen. But who will they cast in it? Maybe they will make it a CGI movie. That would make it more realistic.

You can wake up now, this blog is over. It's been a long week and this is the result. I am distracted by the NCAA tournament. Nothing against Arnold, he is just a good example of how ridiculous things can work. Plenty of great action films in his resume, but seriously, how did he pull these off?