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Jun 25, 2010

The A-Team is Good Stuff! A Plan that came together!


The A-Team was getting good reviews, but I was still skeptical.  Plus, Mr.T didn't like it either.  Still, my wife and I thought it was our best option, so we took a chance.   Now, 9 out of 10 times movies based off TV shows are pretty bad and tend to be cheesy spoofs.  I can't stand the concept because it is usually a total disaster.  As soon as the A-Team started though, it was exciting and it stayed that way the entire time.  They stayed with the basic premise of the show and made it a movie, the way it should be done.  All of the actors lived up to their expectations (except Mr.T because no one could ever live up to that) and pulled it off.  I hope they make another A-Team movie because the characters (Mad Dog is great) were brought to life and it was fun to watch what they did as a team.  The movie didn't get too racy or over the top with language and inuendos but they could have toned that stuff done a bit and it would have been better I think.  It's PG-13, but that was probably because of the smoking cigar and not the cussing.  Unless you are some anal A-Team freak, you will like this movie.  It was one of the best action flicks I have seen in a long time, it's just a shame you shouldn't take your kids to see it.  It's an 8 out of 10 for me.